*Speaker Meetings*
*Main Meetings Signed for the Hearing Impaired*
*Spanish Speaker Meetings*
*Marathon Meetings*
*Anniversary Celebration Meeting*
*Saturday Morning Meditation Meeting*
*N.A. Memorabilia Auction*
*Friday Comedy Show*
*Saturday Afternoon NACNA Idol*
*Saturday Banquet Dinner with Music*
*Saturday Night Dance*
*Friday & Saturday Night Music in Lobby*
*Merchandise Sales*
*Scavenger Hunt*
*Fellowship * Fun*

Would You Like to Speak?

Main Speaker: 5 years N.A. clean time

Topic/Workshop Speaker: 3 years N.A. clean time

Send Audio to
NASCOMM Programming
PO Box 531
Hicksville, NY 11801-0531


Email MP3 file to:

Tape Deadline: September 1, 2016

Why We Register

Money collected from registration is
how we pay for the meeting facilities,
equipment, registration packets, and
other expenses to put on a convention
of this size.

Every table, chair, androom we use costs money. Because the gathering is not a regularly scheduled meeting, but rather a special event, we will be requiring a registration badge to attend. It is the support of each member’s registration that helps make our convention a success.

Your support is greatly appreciated.